Retain Control

Enable outsourced bill payment processing while you retain control of the customer experience

Reduce PCI Scope

Implement tokenization of debit and credit card numbers, removing that data from PCI compliance considerations

Enhance Payments Insight

Access real-time, on-demand reporting, tracking and management via USP’s web-based client console

Improve Control, Security and Implementation

You can use APIs to accept payments, manage user enrollment, send reimbursements, search for data and more. Explore how you can accept card and ACH payments made one at a time or on a recurring schedule with USP’s proven APIs.

Provide pre-configured integrations including IBM Watson Chatbot, mobile app, text message, website, interactive voice response and call center

Maintain control with date restrictions, cancellations, modifications and future-dated payments

Enable flexible payment options with payment scheduling and configurable cut-off dates

Provide a stronger, repeatable consumer touchpoint

Maintain Control While Outsourcing Processing

Outsource your bill pay processing while maintaining control of the user interface with USP’s bill payments API. Fully integrated real-time or batch payments processing minimizes costs and risks while maintaining a consistent, branded consumer experience.


Make payment using funding token
Cancel payment
Real-time notification
Reimburse payment


Add/edit funding SSO (Funding Portal)
Delete funding
Generate funding token
Change funding wallet ID

Recurring Scope

Create/cancel enrollment
Modify consumer profile enrollment
Add/modify auto debit payment
Retrieve enrollment profile details
Cancel payment schedule
Add/modify/delete billing account

Reduce PCI Scope

Single Sign-On (One-Time Pay)
Single sign-on (Recurring)


Search funding tokens
Retrieve enrollment profile details
Search for enrollment profile ID
Search payments by billing account number
MAM data retrieval
Text message opt in/out
Text message payments opt in/out
Manage proactive notifications


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