Celent Model Bank Award Winner for Payment Services Hub Implementation

With many pending changes in the North American payments landscape, BMO chose to modernize their payment systems to implement a more agile and efficient way to meet the evolving demands of their customers and create a platform for future innovation.

BMO is forecasting the Payment Hub will recognize significant savings, based on products slated for delivery over the next five years.

This figure includes savings from:

  • Modernization of existing legacy technology
  • Rationalization of technology in both Canada and the US
  • The reuse of assets in future technology developments

Bank of Montreal is already on its path to PayMod and discovering all of its benefits. Want to learn more about how real-time payments modernization can present a breadth of opportunities? Download our eBook, “Real-Time Payments Modernization: Leveraging ISO 20022, Universal Confirmations and SWIFT gpi for Payments Innovation.”

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