Licensed Model

License USP software and run it in your private cloud or in the public cloud of your choice.

SaaS Model

Deploy USP software in our private cloud or in the public cloud.

Hybrid Model

Use a combination of licensed and SaaS approaches based on your unique needs.


Banks and Intermediaries

Take advantage of today’s opportunities — real-time payments growth, ISO 20022 migration, open banking and more — with USP’s cloud-ready payment solutions. Gain the full benefits of the cloud, including:

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership including FTE, through full support of USP’s leading technology and industry experts.

Lower Cost Per Transaction through economies of scale and operational efficiencies.

Complete compliance and outsourced maintenance and operations.

Progressive Payments Modernization in line with your business strategy.


USP offers comprehensive solutions for merchants and payment providers, supporting both card-present and card-not-present payments and providing industry-leading fraud prevention and detection capabilities through our data centers.

Accelerated innovation through continuous implementation and development

Dynamic elasticity to meet peak volumes and cost savings

Enhanced collaboration between IT, DevOps, and third-party fintechs and partners

Proven performance that ensures high availability, scalability and security

Billing Organizations

USP Speedpay gives insurers, healthcare providers, governments, utilities, colleges and subscription providers a 24x7x365, state-of-the-art processing environment that:

Ensures compliance with PCI, CFPB, HIPAA and numerous other compliance standards

Reduces the costs of ongoing compliance and day-to-day operations

Delivers an integrated platform for rapid innovation

Provides flexibility in offering and managing a broad range of payment channels

Take Your Payments to the Cloud with USP

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Maximize Your Benefits

Explore related USP Worldwide solutions to ensure your ongoing success.

USP Speedpay

Integrated suite of digital billing, payment, disbursement and communication services that lowers the cost of presenting and accepting bill payments while delivering industry-leading security

USP Secure eCommerce

A powerful payments gateway with sophisticated real-time fraud prevention capabilities, advanced business intelligence tools and access to an extensive global network of acquirers and alternative payment methods

USP Omni-Commerce

A secure, scalable, omni-channel payment processing platform with the flexibility to support in-store, online and mobile payments

USP Fraud Management for Merchants

Multilayered, real-time fraud management and ongoing monitoring of online and mobile transactions for merchants and payment service providers

USP High Value Real-Time Payments

Gain multi-bank, multi-currency processing capabilities and seamless integration to multiple clearing and settlement mechanisms

USP Enterprise Payments Platform

Enabling banks, processors, national infrastructures and fintechs to rapidly respond to shifting trends, mandates and new competition across all lines of business and payment types

USP Digital Business Banking

Cloud-based digital banking platform with a vast API library and market-leading payments functionality to enable banks to reduce expenses and increase market share

USP Fraud Management for Banking

Real-time, machine-learning-driven fraud management solution for banks, processors, acquirers and payment networks

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