Reduce Costs

Enables consumers to turn-off costly paper bills cutting document delivery costs by 50% and customer services calls by up to 10%

Maximize Consumer Convenience

Delivers convenient omni-channel bill presentment to consumers, no matter where, how or when they choose to view their bill

Improve Customer Experience

Integrates the bill presentment and payment user experience to make viewing and paying bills quick and easy

Increase Engagement at Every Touchpoint

Drive Customer Satisfaction

Take full advantage of the entire billing lifecycle to drive customer satisfaction through simpler bills and access to promotions and critical information.

Enhance personalization, consent and compliance support, and text and email alert management through preference management

Omni-optimized for all devices, customers can view and pay from any device wherever and whenever they want

Craft personalized messaging for eBills, disclosures, promotions and other communication

Securely store and parse data in one relational database 

Engage Your Customers

Give your customers the ability to securely receive and pay bills through their preferred devices and channels.

Provide customers their favorite ways to pay, whether a one-time or recurring automatic payment

Support all channels from print to text alerts, with interfaces that include mobile, tablet and more

Archive and store all documents delivered to the customer, with an audit trail, full regulatory and compliance support, business intelligence and analytics tools and more

Benefit from integrated payment network connections, merchant accounts and funding, while simplifying PCI compliance

USP Customer Communications Management Drives Profitable Relationships

With USP Customer Communications Management, you get a fully integrated platform for end-to-end customer communication lifecycle management that reduces your reliance on IT support. Part of the USP Speedpay solution, Customer Communications Management delivers targeted marketing messages, cuts document delivery cost by 50% and reduces customer service calls by up to 10%.


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USP Speedpay

Integrated suite of digital billing, payment, disbursement and communication services that lowers the cost of presenting and accepting bill payments while delivering industry-leading security

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Services (EBPP)

Deliver a better, integrated billing and payments experience for every generation and situation

Mobile Wallet Bill Presentment and Payments Platform

Award-winning bill presentment capabilities for your customers’ native digital wallets

Real-Time Disbursements

Send money in real time to one or multiple parties through the latest payment options, including consumers’ debit cards

Remittance Services

Enable your customers to pay the way they want while reducing costs and errors with a flexible, integrated billing and payment platform

Virtual Collection Agent

An online, 24/7 debt collection service designed to emulate your best collection agents while increasing the overall consistency and efficiency of your debt collection process

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