Expand Your Customer Base

Offer increased purchasing power to millions with outdated or incomplete credit scores

Offer Flexible Payment Options

Take advantage of web, mobile and in-person cash payment capabilities

Increase Sales and Reduce Costs

Move to transaction-based pricing instead of interchange or discount rates

Attract More Customers

Offer the 26 million consumers who do not have a credit score, and the 19 million with outdated or incomplete credit scores1, a unique opportunity to become your customers.

Increase sales with flexible payment options and budgeting tools to meet consumer needs

Issue refunds, rebates or commissions quickly and easily to delight consumers

Accept payments anytime, anywhere — through nearly any channel, including in-person cash payments

Increase engagement by leveraging mobile wallets already found on consumers’ devices

Take Full Advantage of Buy Now, Pay Later

Meet increasing customer demand for buy now, pay later capabilities.

Reduce abandonment

by offering expanded payment options at checkout

Match consumer needs

with flexible collections and adjustable payment terms

Simplify collections

with USP Virtual Collection Agent, part of the USP Speedpay solution, that delivers self-service collection capabilities

Speed disbursements

with eDisbursements to quickly give consumers their money

Lower operating costs

with a transaction-based pricing strategy

Boost cross-sell opportunities

using targeted communication and marketing offers


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USP Speedpay

Integrated suite of digital billing, payment, disbursement and communication services that lowers the cost of presenting and accepting bill payments while delivering industry-leading security

Bill Payment API: Payments Authorization, Processing and Remittance

USP's bill payment engine API enables outsourced bill payment processing while you maintain control of the user interface

Real-Time Disbursements

Send money in real time to one or multiple parties through the latest payment options, including consumers’ debit cards

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