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Today’s Fraud Challenge for Banks

Rising digital payment volumes and increased speed make machine learning an essential part of any fraud strategy — but it’s not without its limits. New payment types, channels and behaviors naturally degrade models, necessitating ongoing retraining and monitoring to keep pace with fraud trends.

USP Worldwide’s fraud scoring services, part of USP Fraud Management, remove the effort of retraining models by combining our patented, award-winning incremental learning technology with fully managed model monitoring and maintenance.

Reduce Fraud Losses Up to 75%

Take advantage of global consortium data and incremental learning to build faster, smarter and longer-lasting fraud management models, fully managed by our expert team of data scientists.

  • Automatically adapt to new payment behaviors
  • Gain revenue by reducing fraud and false positives
  • Accelerate your ability to stay ahead of rising card-not-present and eCommerce transaction volumes

Improve Operational Efficiency

USP’s unique fraud scoring service leverage incremental learning technology to give banks an automated tool to respond to new fraud threats and payment behaviors.

  • Reduce the need to retrain models on new data with up to 5x longer scoring model performance
  • Mitigate degradation to optimize ongoing performance
  • Deploy in the Microsoft Azure public cloud to reduce latency requirements

Mitigate Model Bias With Smarter Scoring

Incremental learning technology leverages global consortium data to ensure more legitimate transactions are approved, offering a smoother, more satisfying experience for consumers.

  • Increase fraud detection accuracy
  • Benefit from fully managed model governance
  • Ensure an optimal customer experience through the use of responsible AI

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