Greater Resilience

Maintain transaction processing continuity in the event of acquirer service disruption or business failure

Improved Cost Control

Manage down acquiring fees and decline rates and secure the most favorable pricing through a combination of local and global acquirers

Increased Conversions

Achieve higher conversion rates through smart transaction routing and access to a broader range of alternative payment methods


Smart Transaction Routing

Increase conversions and control costs by automatically routing transactions to the ideal acquirer.

Increase conversion by routing transactions to the acquirers most appropriate to your business sector, risk profile or geographic markets

Manage costs by switching traffic between acquirers

Maintain customer experience by re-routing soft-declined transactions without further customer input

Reduce Your Transaction Fees with Multiple Acquirers

Reduce interchange fees by working with multiple, local acquirers and ensure seamless technical integration for your payments.

Access a Broader Range of Alternative Payment Methods

Help customers pay how they want, when they want, and quickly accommodate new payment options as they become available.

Deliver your customers’ preferred payment options and adjust quickly as these preferences change

Expand your business through a single integration giving you access to local and cross-border acquirers 

Stay Flexible by Keeping Your Options Open

Build your ideal network with the ability to freely move between acquirers that best fit your needs

Integrate to a secure eCommerce gateway to access acquirers without getting locked into long-term contracts

Ensure you can secure the exemptions you need under the strong customer authentication requirements now operating in Europe

Avoid working with acquirers that no longer deliver value


Expand Your Payment Capabilities

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USP Secure eCommerce

A powerful payments gateway with sophisticated real-time fraud prevention capabilities, advanced business intelligence tools and access to an extensive global network of acquirers and alternative payment methods

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