On-Demand Insights

Real-time business insights, performance and availability monitoring

Seamless Integration

Integrate with existing management frameworks like IBM Tivoli and HP Operations Manager (Open View)

Error Recognition

Quickly identify infrastructure and application performance issues such as database errors, down connections and slow processing


A Single, Comprehensive View of Payments

Payment Service Management powered by IR Transact enables you to centrally monitor your entire IT-based payments infrastructure.

Provide a single clean view for both the business and the IT organization to increase organizational efficiency

Quickly identify and resolve application, reviewer or network issues

Optimize the customer experience by quickly identifying items sitting in queues

Receive leading-edge monitoring and management capabilities while preserving legacy investments 

Ensure Top-Level Performance and Availability

Payment Service Management powered by IR Transact allows the retail payment industry to accelerate their digital transformation.

Maximize the customer experience by ensuring the availability of terminals, interchanges and issuers

Proactively monitor performance with real-time alerts

Improve the efficiency of your organization by quickly identifying problematic activities 

Insight to Action

Payment Service Management powered by IR Transact allows you to take control of your entire payments environment. With less risk and more peace of mind, see how you can respond faster to issues, effectively preventing outages.


Unlock Your Potential

USP Worldwide delivers mission-critical payments software that enables banks, merchants and billers to send and receive money in real time.

USP Enterprise Payments Platform

Enabling banks, processors, national infrastructures and fintechs to rapidly respond to shifting trends, mandates and new competition across all lines of business and payment types

USP Low Value Real-Time Payments

Connect to all global real-time schemes with a configurable, pre-packaged solution for real-time payments processing, origination, orchestration, clearing and settlement, fraud detection and connectivity

Consumer Payment Processing

End-to-end management of consumer payment instruments, banking channels and transaction processing for both cards and new digital payment types

IR Transact for High Value Real-Time Payments

Merging productivity, performance and operations, the IR Transact for High Value Real-Time Payments module can be added to Payment Service Management for IR Transact to provide unprecedented insight into High Value Real-Time Payments.

IR Transact for Fraud Management

Through graphical, intuitive dashboards and trend analysis, fraud managers can proactively monitor and manage the Fraud Management for Banking application, its environment and the activities of its operators in real-time.

IR Transact for Enterprise Payments Platform

Through interactive dashboards and metrics, provide a comprehensive view of your payments environment, including TPS, trends per region and card type, the value of approved/declined transactions per codes and more.

IR Transact for Consumer Payment Processing

In-depth monitoring and analysis of transactions, applications and infrastructure enables you to proactively ensure your payment systems are performing efficiently and effectively across your entire business.

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