Prepare for Real-Time Payments

Protect customers from the first day of new instant payment services.

Respond in Real-Time

Leverage real-time machine learning and rules technologies to prevent fraud.

Provide a Real-Time Customer Experience

Communicate with customers in real-time to confirm fraud and update rules, models and strategies.

Meet New Real-Time Requirements

Real-time payments are the new normal, but they bring new fraud prevention requirements. USP Fraud Management protects new real-time payments from launch.

Perform real-time payments fraud screening

Apply expertly defined, proven, real-time rules as part of a multi-layered fraud strategy

Leverage adaptive machine learning, including support for third-party or customer models

Apply global lessons and insights from real-time countries in USP’s Global Fraud Intelligence Network and network intelligence consortium data

Create a Real-Time Environment

Real-time payments often come hand in hand with open banking and must be managed in line with all payments and banking fraud management challenges. USP Fraud Management supports enterprise views across all payment types and digital channels.

Combat authorized push payment (APP) fraud

Leverage vectors and insights from online banking, mobile devices and third-party inputs such as behavioral biometrics

Make decisions in real-time based on an enterprise view of micro and macro threats and trends

Integrate network intelligence from the fraud ecosystem including real-time schemes to better combat real-time payments fraud

Rapidly Launch Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Real-time payment schemes are launching quickly around the world. USP Fraud Management can be quickly deployed to protect customers at the speed of market changes.

Proven rapid deployments across on-premise and cloud environments

Management available as a fully certified private offering via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace for automated deployment


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