Swiftly Resolve Technical Support Cases

Get 24x7x365 technical support with USP’s Global HELP24 global support organization. This always-on help desk provides answers to everyday issues and technical product questions to help you get the most from your USP-supported solutions.

Always-On Global Support

Global HELP24 provides experts-at-the-ready to swiftly resolve technical issues.

  • Get essential help for technical support cases and to answer technical product questions
  • Gain support in more than 25 countries

“USP has the knowledge, the quick response time, the quality and the best part, they speak my local language, helping us get to the root of the problem efficiently.”


Rapid Issue Resolution

Leverage experienced resources with an intimate knowledge of USP solutions.

  • Minimize application disruptions
  • Address new releases, break/fix issues, mandate releases, patches, documentation and more
  • Gain additional resources through USP user groups and eSupport portal

Global Support

USP serves as your collaborative partner with dedicated support throughout your entire project.

Always On

A global help desk that is always available to answer your calls


Fully staffed by expert resources with deep knowledge of systems and solutions


Technical support for everyday issues to keep essential solutions running smoothly

Essential Resources

HELP24 Support

USP provides telephone access to HELP24 for critical issues and our eSupport portal allows you to raise and monitor cases in real-time


USP’s training academy offers a blended mix of instructor-led training and self-paced, easily accessible eLearning courses that help our customers increase the speed of user adoption and deliver a faster ROI

User Groups

USPI’s user group program gives customers the power to collaborate, network and share ideas with fellow customers and USP advisors — gain industry and USP solution/product knowledge to drive greater business success

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