Accelerate Speed to Market

Rapidly launch fraud prevention strategies with USP Model Generator and accelerate speed to market with new fraud services available as automated deployments in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Revenue in Compliance

Be confident in continuous compliance with all fraud regulations and deliver a differentiated customer experience with capabilities for transaction risk analysis (TRA) and exemptions

Improve Fraud Prevention

Combine machine learning and network intelligence with community fraud signals and insight from our expert data science and fraud consultancy teams


Rapidly Launch Fraud Prevention Strategies

Fraud trends move fast — financial institutions must stay ahead of fraudsters and the competition to retain customers and grow revenues.

Set up your production environment in minutes through Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Create machine learning models and push to production in just hours with USP’s model generator

Balance Compliance and Customer Experience

Deliver fraud prevention across all digital channels and payments in combination with seamless payment experiences.

Maintain compliance with PSD2 strong customer authentication for CNP transactions

Leverage TRA and integrate with your access control server to successfully apply exemptions

Comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations and manage watch list restrictions

Reduce Fraud Losses and Improve Detection Rates

Enterprise fraud prevention is essential to ensure customers are protected across all digital channels and payment types.

Prevent all types of payments fraud — including real-time payments

Prevent financial crime in your digital channels by combating account takeover fraud

Leverage new network intelligence technologies from USP for effective collaboration

Take advantage of USP’s fraud ecosystem partners for additional vectors in your fraud scoring: behavioral biometrics, real-time alerting and more

Increase Efficiencies With an Intuitive Interface

USP Fraud Management features a user-friendly interface, simplifying your experience while delivering smarter and more effective capabilities.

Optimize alert management with new options for actions and support for any transaction type

Enhance your risk strategy with workflow automation and lists, rules, test data and more

Strengthen operations management with revamped dashboards, on-screen reports and real-time replication management

Reduce costs by launching in the Microsoft Azure public cloud and achieving improved user efficiency

Configure your solution easily with an enhanced UI screen display, security configurations, plus teams and users

Transforming Fraud Management

Gain a World-Leading Fraud Management Solution for a Flat, Monthly Fee USP Fraud Management is now available as a subscription plan for mid-tier banks, hosted in the Microsoft Azure public cloud environment

Level Up Your Fraud Detection USP’s network intelligence approach delivers an industry-, region- and market-wide view of emerging threats

Expanding the Horizons of Fraud Detection See how network intelligence is driving unprecedented collaboration in the fight against payments fraud


Safe and Secure

USP Worldwide has a wide range of fraud prevention capabilities that enable banks to achieve industry-leading performance.

Real-Time Payments Fraud Prevention

End-to-end, real-time enterprise fraud management featuring multilayered fraud prevention

Network Intelligence

Proprietary technology that enables banks, processors, acquirers and networks to securely share and consume industry-wide fraud signals to feed their machine learning models

Anti-Money Laundering

Strong, advanced AML compliance framework to maintain compliance with international and domestic regulations

Robotic Process Automation

Advanced solution that allows businesses to improve operational efficiency and automatically respond to data, events and interactions

Case Manager

End-to-end case management for fraud investigations and resolutions.

Strong Customer Authentication

Complete fraud management solution that delivers full SCA compliance with value-added capabilities to enable your exemptions strategy

Machine Learning

Advanced technology specifically designed for rapid deployment and ease of use by business users to accelerate the benefits of machine learning

Fraud Management in the Cloud

Gain greater control of your fraud strategy with a cloud-based, fully managed fraud management solution

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