Front of Wallet

Grow market share across all payment and digital channels

Cloud-Ready Platform

Take advantage of microservices and containerization technologies

Speed to Market

Highly configurable and API-enabled for rapid deployment and connectivity

Customer Satisfaction

Quickly deploy revenue-generating payment methods to meet customer demand, with the ability to tailor products.

Cutting-Edge Security

Continually respond to new threats to retain the trust of your customers.

  • Provide industry-leading machine-learning protection
  • Create and manage tokens to protect your customers’ payments data
  • Maintain compliance with global payment card industry mandates with guaranteed updates and continuous compliance

Optimized Operations

Streamline innovation and drive operational efficiencies with real-time data orchestration and management.

  • Personalize your customers’ experience across products, pricing and billing
  • Streamline and automate end-to-end management of disputes
  • Give customers always-on reliability with a scalable, resilient front-end switch
  • Build your ideal partner network through APIs
  • Enhance decision making with data-rich dashboards and reporting

Flexible Service Offerings

Grow your business efficiently utilizing one solution.

  • Provide unique offerings to your entire customer base
  • Service individuals, small business and large corporations
  • Deliver an optimal product experience for all customers 


The Modern Issuing Advantage

Extend your payments capabilities with USP Worldwide’s superior suite of payments software solutions.

Automated Dispute Manager

Advanced solution for automated case management to simplify and streamline your dispute and adjustment process across all payment schemes

USP Low Value Real-Time Payments

Connect to all global real-time schemes with a configurable, pre-packaged solution for real-time payments processing, origination, orchestration, clearing and settlement, fraud detection and connectivity

Consumer Payment Processing

End-to-end management of consumer payment instruments, banking channels and transaction processing for both cards and new digital payment types

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