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Benefits of USP Speedpay bill presentment and payment solutions

  • True omni-channel bill pay solutions. Give customers the billing, payment and communications options they want
  • Save 50%1 on document delivery costs. Go paperless with end-to-end electronic communication lifecycle management on any device
  • Ease compliance burdens. USP Speedpay addresses all major compliance standards, including PCI, CFPB and HIPAA.
  • Drive digital engagement. Integrate billing and payment with your customer’s native digital wallet
  • Reduce costs with secure payment processingUSP’s private cloud data center processes bill payments securely, saving 18% on compliance.
  • Reduce charge-offs by 10%1. USP Speedpay’s Virtual Collection Agent enables consistent, efficient and effective online debt collection.

Raise Customer Satisfaction With Alternative Payment Methods

Provide your customers with a fast, simple and secure way to pay their bills online through their favorite new ways to pay

Offer greater choice and flexibility with alternative payment methods such as Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo*

Drive satisfaction by making it easy for customers to pay their bills the same way they shop online

Create stickiness with convenient and popular alternative payments your customers increasingly expect

Integrate new payment options seamlessly to quickly offer innovative, secure and trusted payment options

The State of Mobile Bill Pay

Learn how to drive adoption of mobile bill pay, and explore consumer preferences for mobile wallet billing.

Bill Pay Solutions for Every Industry

True omni-channel electronic bill pay solutions. Unrivaled industry experience. Discover how USP Speedpay can revolutionize electronic billing and payment for your business

Auto Finance

Improve collections, reduce call volume and boost customer satisfaction by 25%1 with easier, more engaging payment experiences


Boost citizen satisfaction by 30% with a single portal from which to view and pay all government bills, from taxes and permits to parking tickets

Healthcare Payers

Drive revenue and satisfaction while keeping members happy and loyal through consolidated billing, text message plan payments and real-time claim payments

Higher Education

Raise student satisfaction by 24%1 by offering students their favorite ways to pay — with solutions for Ellucian, Oracle and Anthology Institutions


Raise policyholder satisfaction by 25%1, reduce staff time spent on payments by 19%1, and save 18%1 on security and compliance costs


Improve the entire billing and payments experience to drive borrower satisfaction and reduce inbound calls by 20%1


Improve communications and reduce churn with recurring billing capabilities and traditional commerce options


Improve collection rates and reduce disconnections while cutting customer service calls by 10%1 and easing your PCI-compliance burden

“We work more effectively and efficiently to meet increased billing and enrollment needs.”

William Wolfe, Horizon Healthcare Services

“With USP's technology, integration was seamless.”

Ellen Curcio, Ursinus College

“USP is the vendor that understands user-friendly functionality best.”

Nathaniel Bosgraaf, BCBSRI

“It felt like a real partnership, where the focus was on how we could leverage USP’s expertise, and USP could help support our growth goals.”

Ruthann Riggs, COO, Credit Union Loan Source

“USP provided cost savings that others could not meet due to their integration.”

Jon Shrubsole, Cedarville University

“With USP, we open new revenue streams and make our customers smile.”

Darrel Ake, Automobile Acceptance Corp.


Expand Your Bill Payment Capabilities

Send and receive money in real time with USP Worldwide’s bill payment software solutions.

Bill Payment API: Payments Authorization, Processing and Remittance

USP's bill payment engine API enables outsourced bill payment processing while you maintain control of the user interface

Virtual Collection Agent

An online, 24/7 debt collection service designed to emulate your best collection agents while increasing the overall consistency and efficiency of your debt collection process

Real-Time Disbursements

Send money in real time to one or multiple parties through the latest payment options, including consumers’ debit cards

Alternative Payment Methods

Provide customers with more ways to pay their bills online, anytime with Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo payment options

Mobile Wallet Bill Presentment and Payments Platform

Award-winning bill presentment capabilities for your customers’ native digital wallets

Digital Installments

Offer your customers simple, satisfying and convenient buy now, pay later payment options

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