What We Do

Our software solutions power the payment transactions in your daily life, supporting more than 6,000 organizations around the world.

If you’ve ever used an ATM, made an online purchase, sent money to a friend using your phone, paid a utility bill or made a student loan payment, chances are your transaction was processed and safeguarded by USP software.

Working at USP provides you with the opportunity to impact global commerce and enable the industry’s most complete omnichannel payments experience. In fact, our software solutions process $14 trillion in payments daily for some of the world’s biggest banks, merchants, corporates and intermediaries. 

Who We Are

Innovators, experts, teammates, possibility makers – and that’s just the start. Our team of 4,000+ USPers comes from all corners of the globe, bringing unique insights and perspectives to our daily work.

From award-winning, industry-recognized experts to newcomers just getting started, our teams sit on influential boards, lead industry councils and come together to build what’s new and next in the world of payments.

Meet Our Team

The Roles We Play

Our USP team is a diverse collection of talented individuals working in expert-led teams, including software development and engineering, sales, technical consulting, marketing, human resources and more.

For more than 45 years, USP has been at the forefront of payments.

Our track record of success includes >$1B in revenue annually bolstered by strategic acquisitions which support key business objectives.

We invest in our team through competitive pay and benefits packages, and development programs that include both formal and informal mentorship and training opportunities. With a customer roster featuring many logos you know, love and use, you can also go to work knowing that what you do impacts your life outside our walls.

Benefits and Perks

  • Health and retirement benefits
  • Training and development, including mentorship programs
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Global reach with potential for travel
  • Site leadership program led by senior site leaders at all USP locations

Join The Team

Build your career with the software company that’s transforming the global payments that shape your daily life.

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