Deliver Best-in-Class Fraud Management KPIs

Outpace the market with accept, deny, challenge and chargeback rates

Expert Risk Analyst Support

Tailor strategies by product, sector, channel and geography

Enable Revenue Growth

Deliver fraud management designed to drive up conversion rates and drive down fraud

Managing Fraud for Growth

Deliver frictionless eCommerce that drives check-out conversions for genuine customers and lowers fraud prevention operational costs while safeguarding revenue.

Reduce false positives and increase fraud detection accuracy with advanced machine learning models tailored to your audience

Benefit from the positive profiling of customers seen across our extensive global merchant base to make better informed and faster decisions

Reduce and manage chargebacks for customer satisfaction and to promote loyalty

Optimize conversions and approval rates with USP’s chargeback indemnification service

Tailor Fraud Strategies by Channel, Device and Market

Deploy optimal fraud strategies to address fraud threats across your business.

Understand and address the specific challenges of mobile fraud

Recognize and tackle the growing instances of reseller fraud, friendly fraud and account takeover

Protect yourself and your customers from the rise in “buy online, pick up in-store” fraud — which USP has seen an increase of 12% in 2020

Tackle fraud across gaming, retail, telco and other markets

Reduce the Cost of Fraud

Access real-time fraud intelligence that helps you cancel orders, halt deliveries and avoid costly chargebacks

Utilize USP’s chargeback indemnification service to maximize margins and save on fraud operational costs

Monitor and manage fraud management performance through our advanced self-service analytics and reporting tool

Dramatically improve order review processes with outsourced manual reviews

Protect Customers Anytime, Anywhere

Protect customers anytime, anywhere with real-time fraud management and ongoing monitoring of online and mobile transactions for merchants and payment service providers. Maintain check-out conversion rates to protect revenues and enable genuine customers – with fraud prevention solutions tailored by product, sector, channel and geography. Reduce chargebacks and false positives through machine learning, profiling, global fraud intelligence, advanced analytics and support from expert risk analysts.

Achieve Payments Modernization and Compliance

Leverage continuous compliance to reinvest in innovation and improve the customer experience.

Remain compliant with all scheme mandates delivered automatically

Leverage an ISO 20022-native solution for rich data and value-added services

Utilize modern technologies built into solutions, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, microservices and containerization, rich-data translation and orchestration


Stay Secure

USP’s industry-leading fraud prevention is delivered via a powerful combination of machine learning, predictive and behavioral analytics, positive profiling, customized fraud strategies and expert support.

Machine Learning

Advanced technology specifically designed for rapid deployment and ease of use by business users to accelerate the benefits of machine learning

Automated Dispute Manager

Advanced solution for automated case management to simplify and streamline your dispute and adjustment process across all payment schemes

Strong Customer Authentication

Complete fraud management solution that delivers full SCA compliance with value-added capabilities to enable your exemptions strategy

Risk Analysts

Dedicated support from a global team of experienced fraud and risk analysts, working closely with merchants to develop and manage tailored, real-time risk strategies

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